lOvE iS bEiNg sTuPiD tOgEtHeR! (socalledblond) wrote,
lOvE iS bEiNg sTuPiD tOgEtHeR!

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CoUnTiNg ShEeP dOeSnT wOrK! :'-(

i hate this

i hate this

i hate this!

when no matter what you do to try to sleep you cant... its even worse when you have pills perscribed for you to go to sleep and you forgot them at your best friends house.. GrRrR on times like these.. please just let me sleep for a lil bit.. this will be the 3rd or 4th time that i have been on the computer hoping to talk to someone but there is no one on. who the hell is online at 2 am!?! no one on my buddy list.

does anyone have any secrets on sleeping?

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