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Goodnight" he said.

"Daddy" she called "Do you love me??"

"What? of course i do.. why would you say that?" her dad said.

"A lot?" she asked

"A lot." he said and kissed her goodnight once again. It wasnt until he was half way out the door when she blurted

"Daddy if you really love me a lot you wont be mad about what im going to tell you.."

"What? What's wrong? Is everything...-" her dad said worried

"Mommy.." she said clutching her fathers arm "Mommy is gone.. the bad man hurt her."

Her father was tense now. He pushed his daughter away
"Nonsence" he said "Your mother is away at grandma's"

"No daddy, shes not. She came home last night early and the bad man came in with the shiny" she said now heavily breathing, holding back the tears

There was a sudden silence

"Sometimes i see the bad man.. he comes and tells me stories when you're working late and mommy's gone to bed." she continued "But last night he was mad.."

"You are sure of this?" he asked

"Yes, shh.. the bad man comes tonight"

"Stop this! Where is your mother? he cried

She closed her eyes as tears ran down her cheeks. "Mommy's in the closet"

Her father eyed the closet in disbeleif. He shakily walked over and slowly..slowly.. turned the knob

It was then that the window cracked open just a bit... and the large, bloody fingers creeped through...
"Daddy" she whispered "He's back"

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