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02:56pm 21/09/2005
mood: cheerful
wooooow it has beeen forever and a day since i have updated!! its like fricken crazaaaaaaay!

hows everyone been...? woo life has changed so much..
1. I have a BF.
2. Colleen and I are having our usual fight when i have a bf..
3. I have had my permit for a while now...
4. My boyfriend is great.
5. His ex stalks him..shes psycho
6. I have no real worries anymore..
7. I have alot of panic attacks lately.
8. I dont know what homecomings I am going to anymore.. i have been invited to 2 plus mine.
9. I dont really know what else to put in here.
10. One of my friends from last year have become really really close!

hes great! Danny and I
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03:31pm 18/08/2005
  ill try and update soon...  
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11:56pm 06/08/2005
  Sargent Hollywood
Sargent Biggles
Sargent Boozie
Sargent Foo Foo
Sargent Cowboy

please help me decide on a name for my new cat..
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Dont ever let the grass grow under your feet! ( thats what my mommy tells me)   
10:13am 01/08/2005
mood: flirty
i admit good weekend.

1st Paycheck


Bowling :-p

need i say more?
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11:46am 28/07/2005
  well a bunch of things have gone on since i wrote in here last..

1. I took my senior pictures and i get them back on the 15th or 16th.
2. Gilbin and I broke up.
3. I cut my hair.
4. Colleen and I cant stop fighting.
5. I met cousins from Michigan who are really cool.

and i think thats it.

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CoUnTiNg ShEeP dOeSnT wOrK! :'-(   
01:53am 14/07/2005
mood: bitchy
i hate this

i hate this

i hate this!

when no matter what you do to try to sleep you cant... its even worse when you have pills perscribed for you to go to sleep and you forgot them at your best friends house.. GrRrR on times like these.. please just let me sleep for a lil bit.. this will be the 3rd or 4th time that i have been on the computer hoping to talk to someone but there is no one on. who the hell is online at 2 am!?! no one on my buddy list.

does anyone have any secrets on sleeping?

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10:07pm 13/07/2005
  well i guess i really havent been in the mood for updating.. i like my new house i guess.. nothing really has been going on i just finished my room today.. so it look pretty nice i guess.. i have like 3 boxes left to unpack but they are in my closet. umm thats about it i guess... i really dont have alot to say..

missin Gilbin
<3 always
08:19pm 07/07/2005
mood: stressed and pain
Alot has gone on since my last entry.. i dont live in Spring Hill anymore.. i moved to New Port Richey. my mom and i moved out since my parents separated...  if u want to know where im at and want to hangout just tell me...

I love you Gilbin thanks for everything.
I could do all this without you.

<333 Always,
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12:24am 28/06/2005
  sorry i havent been online or updating on anything lately.. we dont have a phone, internet, or cable... so i havent been able to do anything.. the only reason why i am updating now is because my aunt said i could use her computer real quick.. im not trying to avoid you its just how everything happened...

I miss you all, and i wish we could talk..

i should have the internet and phone back by July 15th... i hope!! <33

talk to ya laters

Gilbin and Sam 3 months wooo hooo!

love ya,
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Pics from Cali!   
02:23am 20/06/2005
mood: been better i guess

We went to the Grand Canyon!

Me and Melissa at the Grand Canyon! (my cousin)

Me Melissa  and my brother Matt  in the car after we bought our cool sunglasses!
That was in the plane on the way to Cali!

Me and Melissa in the car one day in Cali

Melissa, Danielle, Me and Matt.. she used to be a famous model, and then she quit that so she could run a Low Carb Market store.. she got us autographes by her husband Lucky from one of the shows we all watch!! shes awesome!!!

yes that says 104 degrees.. it got all the way up to 106, but i didnt get a pic of that one!
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01:59am 18/06/2005
  Goodnight" he said.

"Daddy" she called "Do you love me??"

"What? of course i do.. why would you say that?" her dad said.

"A lot?" she asked

"A lot." he said and kissed her goodnight once again. It wasnt until he was half way out the door when she blurted

"Daddy if you really love me a lot you wont be mad about what im going to tell you.."

"What? What's wrong? Is everything...-" her dad said worried

"Mommy.." she said clutching her fathers arm "Mommy is gone.. the bad man hurt her."

Her father was tense now. He pushed his daughter away
"Nonsence" he said "Your mother is away at grandma's"

"No daddy, shes not. She came home last night early and the bad man came in with the shiny" she said now heavily breathing, holding back the tears

There was a sudden silence

"Sometimes i see the bad man.. he comes and tells me stories when you're working late and mommy's gone to bed." she continued "But last night he was mad.."

"You are sure of this?" he asked

"Yes, shh.. the bad man comes tonight"

"Stop this! Where is your mother? he cried

She closed her eyes as tears ran down her cheeks. "Mommy's in the closet"

Her father eyed the closet in disbeleif. He shakily walked over and slowly..slowly.. turned the knob

It was then that the window cracked open just a bit... and the large, bloody fingers creeped through...
"Daddy" she whispered "He's back"

Repost this before midnight or you will lose someone you love
more later.
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01:27am 18/06/2005
mood: blank
back from Cali.. i have some pics, but i am just too tired to post them, i will hopefully soon..

IM me if ya want to hear about it, ill be glad to tell you the eventful things like...

1. hooker in Jack In The Box
2. Crazy guy at Jack In The Box
3. our trips trying to get to the Hollywood sign in Hollywood Hills
4. Our Hotels in Cali and Vegas
5. Grand Canyon
6. Vegas
7. Getting kicked out of Casinos..
8. my autograph, and pic with a model

you know the cool stuff lol

Gilbin I love you and Miss you, and i wish that i can see you soon..
much love! <333
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<3 *fUn TiMeS WiTh FaMiLy* <3   
12:06pm 06/06/2005
mood: amused
These are pictures from my Aunt Linda's Surprise Birthday party. it was so much fun!!

me and melissa ( who i am going to California with)

Me ( Shelby took without me knowing)

Grandpa, Me, Steven, Kristin, and Andy dancing!

Gilbin being funny!

Me and Gilbin, before it started!

Kristin, Andy, Melissa, and Michael dancing.

Steven and Shelby (shes so cool!)

Disco Andy!

Gilbin, Michael, Andy, and Steven give us ALL a surprise!

Gilbin's solo.. during the guys surprise!

Kristin and Andy!

Me and Gilbin. I love him ooo soooo much! *muah*

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I cant live without you for this long!   
07:28am 06/06/2005
mood: crushed
i found out the worst news ever.. the night that i come back from california is the day that Gilbin leaves for Philadelphia he'll be there for like 3 weeks.. what am i going to do without him for a month.. I really dont know.. we had our last night together last night we just layed there hugging each other saying "i'm gunna miss you." he swears hes gunna miss me more tho.. i couldnt look back when i said goodbye and started to walk into the house this morning, cuz if i would have turned he would have seen the tears rolling down my face.. I love him so much.. he says he doesnt know if he could live without me for this long.. this is going to be the LONGEST time ever!! can you belive this i wont see him till AFTER 4th of July!!! He wants me to call him, but i dont know how i can do that i dont have a phone... i dont know what to do... i cant just sit here and cry about it but right now thats all i can do..

Gilbin I miss you so much already and you have only been gone for 25 mins.. i promise you i wont find a hott surfer guy to replace you, you are the only one that has my heart, and the only one that ever will... I LOVE YOU BABE! * hugs n kissez*

Gilbin and Sam 3-28-05

I love you.
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yess this is awesome!   
10:31pm 02/06/2005
mood: bouncy
CaLifOrNiA here I come!
i leave Wednesday and don't come back till next friday!!

I am so excited!

Gilbin and Samantha 3-28-05
2 Months wooo hooo!

I love you!
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09:58pm 26/05/2005
mood: tired
Taking The Stand

huge prizes
7 PM

Gulf Coast Worship Center
10534 Little Rd.
New Port Richey Fl  34654

Questions? Ask Me. . . .

You Should Come!!!

Gilbin and Samantha 3-28-05
I love you!

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cleaning day! <33   
01:42pm 26/05/2005
mood: cleaning mood!
well its the first day of summer and guess what i get to do!?

CLEAN, i am going to like do all my chores, and then maybe ill like throw out a bunch of stuff that i dont use anymore.. i dont know why i save things, it just makes too much clutter, i wish i could rearrange my room, but there is no other way i can do it, the only think that i really could do is like move my bed and dresser but thats not going to happen. maybe ill like reupdate pics on my walls! i dont know i kind of am in a cleaning mood.. ill update later on what i ended up doing! <333

Gilbin I love you so much!
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HoLy BeJeSuS!   
09:52pm 24/05/2005
mood: anxious

OMG Tomorrow is the last day of school! holy bejesus I am a SeNiOr! Thats KrAzY!

(i dont know why i just thought that was a good pic to put on such an exciting entry)

i LoVe YoU!
Gilbin and Samantha 3-28-05
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06:13pm 19/05/2005
mood: pissed off
A - Age you got your first kiss: 14

B - Band listening to right now: none

C - Crush: Gilbin

D- Dad's name: Chuck

E - Easiest person to talk to: Colleen and Nicole

F - Favorite band at the moment?: umm none. i dont know

G - gummy worms or gummy bears?: worms

H - Hometown: New Port Richey

I - Instruments: i dont have any

J- Joints smoked: none

K- kids: i want 2

L - Longest car ride ever: new york or michigan?

M - Mom's name: Cami

N - Nicknames: pickles, spam, keebler, princess, sami

O - One wish: Love that will never go away

P - Phobia[s]: i agree with Brianna, Car Accidents

Q - Quote: "Dont wish upon a star reach for it"

R - Reason to smile: Gilbin

S - Song you sang last: cant even remeber

T - Time you woke up [today]: 9-10AM.. but i didnt get up till like 1

U - Unknown fact about me: i can fly

V - Vegetable you hate: Brussel Sprouts

W - Worst habit(s): not cleaning my room

X - X-rays you've had: too many to count

Y - Yummy food: salad

Z - Zodiac sign: Sagitarious
help me pplease!   
05:56pm 18/05/2005
mood: hungry and sickly
i went to the dr. today and the almost main reason why i went is cuz i almost fell, and i cant stand up bcuz i get so dizzy the dr. said nothing.. not one word about me not being able to walk. i dont know what to do.. i have church tonight, i really shouldnt go but i am anyways.. i feel terrible and i miss Gilbin like crazy!! i wish i could just be better already...

i guess i am going to try and get ready.. ill be back to school on Friday.

Gilbin I love you.
GIlbin and Samantha 3-28-05

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